I tote my Fuji XE-2 everywhere.

It’s always with me.
I realized, a few years back, that as a Commercial Photographer for the last 22 years, I wasn’t shooting much for myself anymore.

It’s very, very easy to fall into that trap.
I was determined to rectify the situation so quite some time back, I bought a beautiful Canon G9 as a walking companion.

That was followed by a G10, S90, S95 all Canons and eventually a Fuji X100 and finally my current love the Fuji XE-2.

Whenever I decide to venture out, I take out that wonderful, compact, unobtrusive wee Fuji.

Scott and his fiancée’ Sarah, scooped me up for a brunch a month and a half or so ago. I grabbed a quick headshot in the restaurant.
Apparently, ‘I done good’.

Scottie is always affable, and easy going, and the shot portrayed that well.
They decided they wanted it printed and I suggested it be mounted on plexiglass….. it’s a beautiful look.

The plexiglass adds a wonderful amount of depth to an image, and hey…it’s virtually ‘washable’.
My only request was that I wanted to see it after they had it done.

Now –who said Dreams Don’t Come True?

Scott, Photo.

One of my lovely breakfast companions from yesterday…

John Sharpe/Sharpeshots

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