Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light

I’ve spent a wee bit of time at Craft Beer Market over the last few days. Mmmmm. Beer!

Craft has a large bank of windows, facing north.
The Renaissance Artists KNEW a perfectly constructed sofftbox when they saw it.

The modelling on this photo was impeccable, it was the ideal ‘lighting ratio’.
A quick ‘point and shoot’ headshot of my friend, realtor extraordinaire’ Nathen Legat.
When you see light this beautiful, it’s an itch you’ve just gotta’ scratch.

Fuji XE-2

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

Natural Light Headshot

Natural Light Headshot

2 Responses to “Natural Light Portraits”

  1. David

    Nice shot Johnny boy.
    I love natural light photography and read a book by Jeff Smith on outdoor portrait photography, that really gave me a new appreciation for it. Love working with Gods’ lighting studio.
    Just need to ‘see the light’ 😉


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