One Simple to Do, “Before and After” Photo Shot With The iPhone

A Very Simple Before and After Photo Created With An iPhone

I’ll admit it again, more and more I’m heading out the door without my Canon 5D Mark III, Fuji X100, or my truly remarkable little pocket sized Canon S95.
Now, granted, the 5D Mark III has all the flexibility you could ever hope for with ridiculously capable high ISO performance, and the Fuji X100 is capable of breathtaking results, but for sheer ‘hands-on’ just for the fun of it photography?

I’m getting more and more enjoyment out of my now slightly outdated relic of an iPhone 4.
Once again Sunterra Market here in #YYC has come to the rescue as the weather here has begun it’s annual Nuclear Winter Cycle of ‘Polar Darkness’ and generally the only true colour you’ll find is a stop sign sticking out of a snow drift.

Beautifully displayed in the ‘Floral Section’.
Once again, my favourite ‘Photo App Du Jour’ is a split decision between Painteresque and the venerably useful Nik Snapseed.
Now, bear in mind that as of this post, I also have installed Instagram, FlashForFree, Genius, BestCamera, Camera+, ProCamera, Sun Scout, Hipstamatic, Light Meter, TPE, 1000Cameras, Photosynth, AutoPainter3, PhotoForge, Iris, Perfectly Clear, Mirrorgram and Pro HDR.
A little bit compulsive?

Sure, but hey, I’m single with no outstanding warrants.

In general I’ve downloaded ALL of these, tried them once or twice and moved on down the line.
Your mileage may vary but over and over again I continue to be captivated by all of the creative possibilities of my two ‘go to’ Applications.

Here’s why:

A Simple ‘Before’.

A ‘Snappy’ little ‘AFTER’


I warmly recommend both of these remarkable iPhone Photography Apps, available as always through the iTunes Store.

It puts the ‘Phun’ back in Photography!

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


One Response to “One Simple to Do, “Before and After” Photo Shot With The iPhone”

  1. Mike Sweeney

    When I wrote my book on Creative iPhone Photography, I used Snapseed for about 80% of my post processing. I also used VSCO and Tiffen’s PhotoFX. But somehow I missed Painteresque.. but I can see I definitely need to give it a try. Thanks for sharing the trick and the before/afters.


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