If You’ve Got Photoshop…You’ve Got Panoramas!

Bumped into a great Tutorial this morning on shooting hand held Panoramas by John Warren.

Of course, I use my amazing Gitzo Traveller Tripod and a Nodal Ninja Panorama Head when I’m going full out but it’s entirely possible to shoot them hand held as well. You can see the results of that combination on a previous post of mine HERE.

I was heavily into shooting Panoramas for years. I still love it but it’s a bit more work with a Panorama head getting set up, changing over from your usual tripod head.  As well I have to remove the battery grip and mount the camera without it, the Pan head needs careful calibration and I did it minus the grip. So, clearly, being able to hand hold a camera and shoot it manually, minus all the extra gear, is a big plus.

Having said all that, here’s a LINK to that tutorial, it’s very well written and it’s also clear, concise and not at all too confusing. I find a lot of guys who write tutorials like these assume that because they know exactly what they’re trying to say it’ll be equally as clear to the reader as well. Not always the case….  Again, here’s the LINK to the tutorial.

Now. If you’ve been a regular visitor to this lovely wee blog you already know I generally post about once a day. The past two weeks I’ve been absolutely slammed with work shooting 8 days straight and BIG projects. Tonight will make it 9!

We’ll be heading out looking at a small rural railroad up in central Alberta later next week so I promise to bring something interesting back even if it’s just for you Railroad Fans!

Thanks and Enjoy!

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots



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