Playin’ it Straight- iPhoneography Minus The Twist

It’s easy as can be to fall under the magic spell of an iPhone App and next thing you know, you find yourself cranking out ‘novelty photo’ after ‘novelty photo’ for no good reason other than the fact that you CAN.

Sure. It’s AMUSING but is it any damned good?

I have a very close friend who just bought his first iPad and it’s been a real revelation.
Having ‘been there-done that’ with my Phone, I’ve advised him in my most scholarly fashion that while I DO have 18, (*count ’em), 18 different Photo Apps on my IP4?
Most of them were opened once and I either got too lazy to work out the simple little learning curve of the thing or the WOW-Factor disappeared in under 5 minutes.
I gently remind my old and easily amused friend of a very simple Axiom in Photography.

“Just because you CAN do something to a Photo, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”

It reminds me of a time many centuries ago when I used to sing in bar bands and the pedal boards were just emerging for Guitar players.

Fuzztones, Distortion Pedals, Chorus… all of it.
That, of course, got crazy and one day I overheard a guitar player saying…
“Hey? Guess what? I heard a NEW sound on Guitar today…”
“It was GUITAR!”

Despite all that, this was a very simple shot done the other day in the front yard of my ‘Folks’ place.
There was lots of snow on the grass and it looked like a Postie had left some footprints in it on the way to the mailbox.
Lying in that small, snowed over rut was this, and bravely I played it exactly as it laid:

Even though it didn’t get over ‘APP-etizered’, I still had to run it through Lightroom, and Photoshop to give it the little extra ‘push’ it needed and a teensie bit of straightening.
Doing a Macro style shot on the ground with an iPhone is a subject best left to another day and perhaps, a younger man.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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