Time to Pay it Forward

My Pal, Steff.

The goofy thing is we always say… “we have to do this more often.”

I say, WOW. What did you do to your hair? And she says I cut it off. About two years ago.


Bring your camera, I think it’s a great day for a new Headshot. * I never charge my friends. I know.

Deville is right downtown on 1st street. They make terrific everything. Steffany sat, facing the windows. Nice even light. and a nice plain wooden background behind her.

The Fuji’s are brutal. This was shot with the ‘Kit’ lens on an XE-2

Mildly retouched.
For some stupid, backassed reason.. she won’t MARRY ME.

SteffII B-2048


John Sharpe


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