Presto, Digito! Mushrooms from Manure

The problem I’m having with my iPhone 4 lately is….
That I can’t seem to get enough.

Uh huh.

The entire nature of the thing is virtually ‘throw away’.

It’s completely and utterly inconsequential, which is why if anything even moderately interesting arises?

It’s a Triumph, plain and simple.

You have 9/10ths of no control, with the exception of the legendary (*Left Foot, Right Foot) or ‘LR Zoom’ feature…some totally lame HDR, which really just gives you a choice of two exposures and a rudimentary Grid over the screen.

But something insidious takes over when it turns your entire shooting process into a complete “No Brainer
, MWAC level, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing and never did” photo extravaganza.

We’ll call it Enjoyment.

Right beside my house keys sits my phenomenal Fuji X-100 Digital Rangefinder Monster Machine.

It is capable of producing stunning files, in JPEG no less, the likes of which I have never seen to date in an incredibly hot, retro styled package that people swear must have belonged to Grandpa.

“Hey! That’s an old Film Camera, right??”

The colour it produces is exquisite, the image sharpness is utterly off the chart:  it’s quirky and irritating to use on it’s BEST day and even though it goes with me everywhere….


The iPhone contains the penultimate PHD, (*Push Here, Dummy) Camera.

There’s virtually nothing you can do with exposure, compensation, white balance, flash, contrast et al., and simply because of that, the App store is always singing a happy tune.

You’re compelled to rely on the Gods of Appleography to provide and on the off chance they DO, smash up your unlikely little victories with App after App –hopefully– turning your t*rds into tomatoes.

I’ve managed to harvest tomatoes in some of the least likely of locations.

As the old saying goes: even a blind chimpanzee finds a banana now and again.

Case in point.

Go shopping in the cool, trendy “New Consciousness Markets” where everything is w-a-y over the top Organic, and it’s all designed to say, “Gee, Baby. Ain’t I good for you?”

Smoothies to Tofurkey, Hummus to ‘Holy Crap’ Cereal.

There’s no sense asking for the Drain Cleaner aisle.

The labels LOOK – Organic; the fonts look ‘earthy’, the stands are built of barn wood and the displays simply SCREAM, “Hey. Being this pretty? I have to cost more.”

They package up fresh cut flowers to look, well, fresh cut.

Enter the iPhone.

We’re in a grocery store here, I mean ‘Upscale Urban Market’, remember?

Nevertheless, with any luck, these here happy snaps won’t look remotely like anything I’d actually SHOT when I was there.
Post exposure?

That’s precisely the case.

Put a little spin on it and if you hold your mouth just right, with the few swipes of an index finger…..
Presto, Digito!

Mushrooms from Manure.

Painteresque and  NIK Snapseed.



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