Reno Time!

It’s That Time Again.

Premium Renovations

Once a year here in Calgary the Home Builders and Renovators ┬áhave a bit of a bash. It’s called the SAM AWARDS. They submit their best construction jobs of the entire year in hopes of winning a SAM AWARD. Deadline this year is November the 7. I’m fortunate to have some great regulars and a new client who’ve been keeping me absolutely slammed for the last week. I shoot this and it has to be processed before the next morning. I can’t let it get ahead of me. It’s takes from 3-5 hours to do the post processing on these jobs.

This project I shot Friday night, a few evenings ago. I always start shooting a few minutes past sunset, it solves a LOT of problems, like blown out windows and colour contamination. Not BETTER, just my way of doing things.

Here’s a link to the album, posted on Facebook. You can click on the Thumbnails to open them up to a nice size.


More to come. It’s been a nuts week!

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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