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Charity concert for Kids in Calgary. PhilX and the Drills. Still is from Fuji XE-2 40/4.5   2500 ISO LINK Video is from another GIG….. John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots Oh and, Hello Kortrijk and Zwevegem! Thanks for dropping by!    

A Beautiful Real Estate Shoot

Calgary-Mount Royal Had occasion to photograph a wonderful, traditional styled home in the Mount Royal district of Calgary. I’m a much bigger fan of ‘cozy’ than I am of contemporary. This was beautifully decorated and immaculate. It’s very rare, indeed, that I’ll end up taking 87 Photographs for a listing but every time I turned… Read more »

When It All Comes Together

When It All Comes Together… I had occasion last night to photograph one of the suites in Le Germaine Residences. I photograph e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, including lots of Real Estate. I loved this suite. Honestly? It requires the exact same technique to shoot Ugly Betty or Marilyn Monroe. Assuming you don’t cut corners. I NEVER cut corners…. Read more »

A Photograph Like This Rarely Comes Along

Just before 10 PM on June 20th, 2014 I was sitting at my computer, photo editing. There is a west facing window directly in front of my computer desk covered by a sheer curtain. I noticed an intense glow outside and quickly moved to another window to take a peek. I’ve lived in this apartment,… Read more »