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Sheer Portrait Magic-And Some Things To Be VERY Afraid Of!

Meet Paula Paula is my chum. She’s brilliant. She’s funny, perceptive and has a wonderful way of seeing life. She’s also insanely ‘capable’. She just knows how to get things done. So? She’s the ‘Chief Cook And Bottle Washer’ at a small Oil Company in Calgary. I was contracted to do some ‘Corporate Headshots’ and… Read more »

The Reasons You Should Do ‘Environmental’ Portraits

In the Fall of 1992, I began a 22 year long career. September 1st, to be exact. It all started with a friend, at the time, who purchased a local Theatre Magazine that had become a growing concern. “Cityscope” as it was known back then was a ‘free-stand’ magazine with a local distribution of 60,000… Read more »