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Busted. One of the things that I love the best about the new Mirrorless breed is how easy they make it to be discreet. Well, most of the time. They’re small enough that I’ve never found any resistance to bringing them in almost anywhere. They’re quiet, you can always use the rear LCD and with… Read more »


 Burger320 Went for Brunch with some close friends this morning at the Blue Star Cafe in Bridgeland. Noticed this little gem across the street and had to take the shot. When we’d originally arrived for brekky there was an SUV parked in front of it ruining the whole thing… BUT, the take-away is this: *(there’s… Read more »

Finally. Yes, Finally. Camera Wi-Fi.

There’s something amazing about In-Camera Wi-Fi It’s nice to see that computing’s exceptional reach is soaking into day to day photography. Not too long ago I bought a Fuji XE-2. It was set up to couple with an iPhone through an in camera app in the Fuji and another in the phone. Initially it was… Read more »

Time to Pay it Forward

My Pal, Steff. The goofy thing is we always say… “we have to do this more often.” I say, WOW. What did you do to your hair? And she says I cut it off. About two years ago. UM. OK. Bring your camera, I think it’s a great day for a new Headshot. * I… Read more »