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Hyperlapse Has An Almost Useless Secret Menu.

Hyperlapse’s Secret Menu There is a hidden menu that is accessible in Hyperlapse, with loads of options…but I have a BITCH. A very justified BITCH. Resolution can be changed to 1080p and frame rate can be bumped to 30fps. So far, so good, BUT… I mean, Damn. It’s not even mentioned in a Help Menu…. Read more »

A ‘Stable’ Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse I mentioned in a post the other day that you can download and install Hyperlapse from Instagram. Right now its only available for the iPhone. It’s FREE from the iTunes Store I’ve been playing with it a little today and it’s intriguing, although I’m quite sure the novelty of it all will wear off… Read more »

Something Groundbreaking From Instagram

Hyperlapse This is really going to go Bonkers. Oh, and it’s FREE in the iTunes Store. Right now it’s only available for iPhones. HERE’S A LINK TO READ ALL ABOUT IT And? Here’s a wee Tutorial: John Sharpe/Sharpeshots