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Bomber Command- Lancaster Merlin Engine Night Run

Yesterday was Crappy. It was cold, gloomy and raining all day long. My friend, ‘Brooker’, has been jonesing for YEARS to go to Nanton to see them fire up the engines on the Lancaster Bomber. With the weather the way it was yesterday, I had some serious doubts about even going at all. It just… Read more »

Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light I’ve spent a wee bit of time at Craft Beer Market over the last few days. Mmmmm. Beer! Craft has a large bank of windows, facing north. The Renaissance Artists KNEW a perfectly constructed sofftbox when they saw it. The modelling on this photo was impeccable, it was the ideal ‘lighting ratio’. A… Read more »

The Beauty Of Natural Light and Reflectors.

Why I Love Natural Light and Reflectors. “Hey Johnny Mom would like you to call/connect with her about doing photos of her as well.” Which Mom? “MY Mom. You met her when you were here at Christmas”. And thus it began. Steffany is a very good friend of mine, whom I’ve done some delightfully casual… Read more »