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The Reasons You Should Do ‘Environmental’ Portraits

In the Fall of 1992, I began a 22 year long career. September 1st, to be exact. It all started with a friend, at the time, who purchased a local Theatre Magazine that had become a growing concern. “Cityscope” as it was known back then was a ‘free-stand’ magazine with a local distribution of 60,000… Read more »

Natural Light Portraits

Natural Light I’ve spent a wee bit of time at Craft Beer Market over the last few days. Mmmmm. Beer! Craft has a large bank of windows, facing north. The Renaissance Artists KNEW a perfectly constructed sofftbox when they saw it. The modelling on this photo was impeccable, it was the ideal ‘lighting ratio’. A… Read more »

The Beauty Of Natural Light and Reflectors.

Why I Love Natural Light and Reflectors. “Hey Johnny Mom would like you to call/connect with her about doing photos of her as well.” Which Mom? “MY Mom. You met her when you were here at Christmas”. And thus it began. Steffany is a very good friend of mine, whom I’ve done some delightfully casual… Read more »

Time to Pay it Forward

My Pal, Steff. The goofy thing is we always say… “we have to do this more often.” I say, WOW. What did you do to your hair? And she says I cut it off. About two years ago. UM. OK. Bring your camera, I think it’s a great day for a new Headshot. * I… Read more »