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The Best And The Worst Cameras of 2014

Chris and Jordan are at it again… I mean the Camera Store carries virtually everything. As a result they’ve seen it all, all year long. Personally I can’t comment on Video. As Gregory Heisler said when somebody asked if he ever did Video. He said something like “I have NETFLIX”. Can’t find the quote directly… Read more »

I Had NO idea.

Considered, perhaps,the all time Master of Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson was a Legend. I stumbled into this fact only a day or so ago. Everyone who knows the ‘History of Photography’ has heard that Cartier-Bresson was the father of modern photo journalism, as did I. However, I’d assumed that he lived and died many, many years… Read more »

Some Serious Thinking About Your Craft

I LIKE Zack Arias. ZACK ARIAS I actually like the guy a lot. Never met him, doubt I ever will. It all began sometime around the time I purchased my first Fuji Camera, the X-100. THAT was a total love/hate relationship which Fuji and I have now grown well past. I flogged that camera and… Read more »

The Beatles-Unplugged

YouTube is Massive. So massive, in fact that you’ll stumble into countless fascinating video clips, and this one certainly qualifies. These are vocal tracks from Abbey Road, but nothing like I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing to hear them like this. You’ll get an entirely new perspective from this. Enjoy and have a great day. John… Read more »

Bruce Gilden-Street Photographer

Been blogging about Street Photography and I just ran across this. This is Bruce Gilden. He was born and raised in NYC. He’s won a long string of credits and awards and he also does Street Shooting. As much as I enjoy street shooting and manage to bag the odd image that I quite enjoy,… Read more »

Super Chameleon

Super Chameleon There’s plenty of discussion where this fascinating little viddy came from about whether it’s real or its fake. Seems to be a split decision but it’s an interesting watch with over –you’re sitting down, right? Over 8 million views. A LOT of us have too much time on our hands. John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots