The All New Leica V-Lux 4

The completely remarkable Leica V-Lux 4.

Way back in the early 80’s I was left a small sum of money and I spent a long time wondering what I could do with it that would actually be worthwhile.
I was working in a Camera shop that sold Pro Gear at the time and in a showcase, on a shelf, all by it’s lonely, homely little self was a Leica R4 with a 50/2 Summicron.

I had a friend who as doing a ‘civil ceremony’ at a local Hotel so I thought I’d take it for a spin, shoot a roll or two and see what the ‘LEICA’ fuss was all about.
That was the beginning of a wonderful Love Affair.
I had never seen photos like that and had no idea that images could ever look that good.

I decided a day or two later how I’d ‘invest’ that money.

A brand new Leica R4 with a 90/2 Summicron and a 35/2.8 Elmarit.

Digital absolutely hobbled Leica.
They’ve always been slow to adopt.
It literally took them YEARS to add TTL Flash Metering to their bodies.
In my film days, as a Pro, I shot Leica Reflexes and a Hasselblad.
I’d know the look of German Glass – Blindfolded.
But Nikon and Canon were huge strides ahead when I had to make the switch.
Today? I’m a Canon user with all L-Series glass but still….


Today, a friend scooped me and wanted to go see the all new Leica V-Lux 4.
It features a 35mm Equivalent of a 24X Zoom.

That’s right.
25-600 mm.

It’s small, compact and deadly.
In the Camera Store, I popped the SD card out of my Fuji X100, dropped it in the Leica and stepped outside for a quick show and tell.





600 mm

This is not SERIOUS Photography by any stretch of the imagination.
It’s simply quick ‘Whacka, Whacka’.
But honestly… based on what I’m seeing here?
I’m Gobsmacked. These are straight Jpegs out of the camera, imported into Lightroom 4 and exported directly with nary a tweak.
I never would have expected a really decent result at ‘600’ mm.
You’ll have to be the judge here.


In my humble opinion?
It’s Leica Quality.
Through and through.


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots





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