The Best Of The Best

Usually, once a year a product hits the Market that without a shadow of a doubt, stands head and shoulders above all the rest.
Pictured here are TWO from the past little while.
The Brilliant and highly extolled Fuji X100 and the virtually unknown Leica Lens Cloth.

Once upon a time, there were a few paper wipes available for lens maintenance such as the linty and only marginally effective Kodak Lens Tissues along with the Repair Tech’s fave, KimWipes.
These days?
EVERYBODY puts out a Microfiber Cloth for cleaning lenses.
There’s tons of them and it’s important to note that few of them are created equal. They are all, basically, just OK.
The ‘Imperial Royal Highness’ of Lens Cloths absolutely and without any reservations whatsoever comes from LEICA.
It’s a lens cleaning miracle. It’s sheer MAGIC.
Don’t believe me…. read the Reviews on the B&H Website.
The first time you use one you’ll think to yourself…. “You’ve GOT to be Kidding.”

If ever there was a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for Optics? This is it.
It’s big, beautiful and the most effective way I have ever seen, (*and I have used them ALL) , of wiping lenses meticulously and immaculately clean.

Now. Here’s a little ‘tip from the trenches’.

Over the years, I’ve found the ‘secret‘ to cleaning lenses.
It’s simple, abundant and best of all, it’s FREE.
Indoors, especially under artificial light – a lens can appear completely clean, but view those elements in direct sunlight- on a sunny day – and you’ll see spots, dust and streaking that you didn’t even know were there.

You can’t CLEAN it if you can’t SEE it.
Zeiss makes an incomparable lens cleaning fluid that dries so clean it’s virtually residue free. It’s also exceptional for cleaning Monitor Screens.
This stuff almost evaporates on contact.
Teamed with a Giotto Blower Bulb, a few Q-tips, very carefully applied for the recessed rear elements and the above mentioned Lens Cloth, you’ll see a marked difference in colour and contrast.
Ultimately what lowers contrast is GREASE, hazy smears on the lens surfaces and it’s subtle as all get out cause FLARE, lowering contrast and thereby diminishing the advantages of your multi-coating.
The ‘secret sauce’ is always direct sunshine, there isn’t a smear or a speck it won’t show up. BIG TIME.
There’s one small RUB with the Leica Cloths.
I’ve never seen these in the local stores. EVER.
They’re available from B&H, not the cheapest you’ll find simply by virtue of the ‘red dot’ and the cost of shipping added in plus: they take a little while to arrive.

The best is always worth it.
Call all your Photo buddies and order in bulk.
You’ll be very glad you did.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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