The Family Shoot!

Had Megan Watts and crew out last week.

It appears, at least that the nice warm weather we had on this day is done for a while and that stinks because it was a great shooting day. Up here we have a 4.5 month outdoor shooting season. I’m not kidding. Everything goes from brown and dead to green and back to brown and dead again in the middle of  October. It’s a sad part of living in the Northern Hemisphere. You’ve gotta’ get it while you can.

Megan brought the kids and the pups and these wee guys are REALLY new. I got a huge kick out of all of them, kids included but Charlie stole the show.

Charlie Charlie-1270

It’s hard to get an idea of just how little Charlie is until he’s on the run and close to a normal sized Human..  he’s the smallest Doggie I’ve ever seen!

Split Toned

Split Tones

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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