The New Future of Black And White

I heard someone say the other day, “….the one thing that never changes, is CHANGE”.

So what’s changed and, more importantly, what have we learned?
For Black and White enthusiasts the future has never been brighter.

Glass and Resin Filters, which used to be a staple in every pro camera bag, have almost completely been replaced by Plug In Suites.
Film stocks are rapidly becoming less and less available.

Nik Software – just recently bought out by the Giant known as Google, provides some of the very best available, including the much lauded Silver Efex Pro 2.

For Black and White Conversions the sheer flexibility of this software is unmatched.

It features a wide variety of Black and White ‘pre-sets’ which now completely replaces the need for any filtration as well as numerous pseudo, digital ‘film stocks’ to choose from.

Of course they’re not dead ringers for real film but the feature characteristics of each emulsion are approximated quite well.
There’s virtually an infinite amount of ‘tweak-able’ variations available with absolutely zero cost in materials.

No wet darkroom ever offered anywhere near this degree of control with paper grades, contrast, and film grain.

Demo versions are available for download.

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