The Single Biggest Thing You Never Want to Miss

I had some catching up to do the other evening with my friend, Paula.

She has two adorable ‘rescue mutts’ and she’s Mutt Mom Extraordinaire.

Paula is an absolute beauty; she shoots like a house on fire and the dogs are adorable so, when it’s ‘walkie’ time for them, it’s also Canon Time for me.

Why not?

You couldn’t take a bad shot of Paula if you put her head in a burlap sack and banged her around with a plank.

She’s also irritatingly COOL in front of a Camera.

She’s always ‘ON’.


Why can’t I do THAT?

I kid, I KID.

It’s simply to say she’ll always shoot like a Beauty Queen.

So after a quick coffee we piled the pooches into her trusty little black ‘Bug’ and off to the Dog Park we drove.

When we got there it was completely in shade, the sun had gone down and the light was an absolute non-event.

Nevertheless, I decided to take my Mark III and L series 100-400 Zoom for the stroll.

It’s a BIG Park and those two clown dogs can run for miles!

Shooting down on a small drooly canine in the grass is never going to win you a Pulitzer Prize for Photography, but undaunted I walked around with the gear in my arms for the better part of an hour.



There they were! Woot!!

Just out of the blue…

*That was SO bad, I know, I know.

Now, I’m no Ornithologist so you needn’t ask, but compositionally it certainly beat two small black waggers in the grass under pitiful light any day.

Hands down. No Contesto.

This morning?

God came a knockin’.

Well, awful close to that anyhow.

Eric Meola took time out of HIS schedule to let me know he thought it was:

“Very Nice!”

I got a lovely little post that made my month.

It’s akin to McCartney telling you he really fancies how you play the bass.

I told him this a short time ago.

“Any of your GARBAGE would be a Career Changer for almost any Photographer.”

There’s a moral to the story. Ain’t there always?

If you don’t already know who Eric Meola is?

You can do yourself an enormous favour in 15 seconds flat.

I don’t have to tell you the rest do I?

ALWAYS have some form of Photographic Device handy.

You just never know when you might…..


Get Clickin’, Chicken!

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