Those Amazing Shots You Just Can’t Let Get Away

The girl,the book and the shot I just could not let get away.

I went for a bite and a cuppa’ about 2 o’clock today and this very attractive young woman breezed right in, bought a latte’ and settled down on the far side of the restaurant to read her book.
I couldn’t resist and even though conditions weren’t exactly perfect, I wandered over to annoy her… lol

I told her that the “PERFECT PHOTO” arrives about 3 times a year and this was one of those three.

I never shot what was behind the book, I didn’t want to impose, but trust me… no, really.
I introduced myself and asked her if she’d mind me taking a photograph.
She was delightful to talk to.
The window to her right was bad, bad, bad and a major source of distraction. There was window glare from the opposite side on the book cover.
I never really got the opportunity to ‘work’ it but this was one of those happy little accidents that you have to be prepared for.
I’d left all my Super-Gear @home and all I had was my wee pocket camera.
Canon S95.
Of all the days.

I got home and loaded it into the ‘Big Mac’.

After an hour or so of careful massage, I arrived at the final result. Notice the ‘Dagger’ Tattoo?

DINAH101-1024BEFORE  DINAH101-1024

So….Thank you, Dinah!

*Now I’ve only got TWO left this year.
John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots



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