Throw A Little Back In The Pot

 I’ve said it on quite a few occasions in the past.
I don’t REALLY take pictures for a living. Nah Nah.
Rather, I consider myself more of a ‘Problem Solver’.

The scenario is always the same beginning with these three little words words: “How Do I?”
The questions range from “How do I make this look terrific on my website?”, “How do I make my Condo look good enough to sell on MLS in a hurry?”,(*ask Nathen from Legat & Kien); and the list goes on and on.
From paintings to portraits it’s always entirely of an issue of  either “How Do I?” or “How Can I?”

Now and again, I’m fortunate enough to apply a little bit of that skill set to a ‘Personal Project’.


OK, so…

In August, I was shooting a popular area of town for a Realtor’s website when I stumbled onto this terrific looking converted old house that was beautifully lit.
The colours were wonderful, right down the the wee purple Xmas style lights offset against the garish orange glow of the overhead street lamps and I was drawn to it immediately.
I took some time, carefully composed, grabbed a couple of tripod mounted shots and moved on.

Later that evening, as I processed the work, I got a little curious as to who owned this funky little facade and decided the photos, being really quite specific, would be of a lot more of interest and value to them than they would be to the Realtor.

I looked ‘Fallen Angel Creations From Above’ up, online, and found there was almost no web presence whatsoever.

There was a short ‘Internet Yellow Pages’ listing for a phone number but that was the full extent of it.
Hey…. the Answering Machine wasn’t even picking up.

I didn’t know it at the time but Megan had only been open for business for about 3 months.

Undaunted, though, (*aren’t I always?), I called through and got a cheery little greeting on the other end of the line from …
“Megan speaking.”
It took a minute or three to figure out that ‘Megan’ actually WAS the business owner.

Megan’s store is pretty esoteric. No, I take that back. REALLY Esoteric.
She’s into a whole lot of things including- Psychic Readings and I’m a sucker for a good show!
I mentioned the photos I’d taken the night before and told her I’d email them over for her to take a peek at.

I stated that I don’t generally ‘give’ images away but they’d do me no good at all just sitting on my hard drive so… how about a swap?
Two Images for a Psychic Consult with Maggie Woods, the Robin to her Batman, the Tonto to her Lone Ranger – and thus the deed was done.

I went over a day later to meet Megan and there stood an absolute Miss Universe Contestant if I’d ever seen one.
Trust me on this completely, if you ever meet Megan, you’ll know.

We yakked a while and I told her if I had to guess at all, I’d put her at about 27 years of age. Just a wild swing at a crazy number….
Lucky today.

As a side note, Maggie knocked my reading out of the park with a couple of tidbits she could never have known.

Hi Five to Mags!

Now here’s the rub.

Fallen Angel is a beautifully put together, lovingly organized breath of fresh air for a business. It’s just a comfortable place to be.
And Megan?  She’s not there just selling stuff. She’s into it; really and truly into it.
The whole place just radiates a warm, ‘home-y’ vibe.

But, and I’m not kidding here in the least…
When I was 27? I couldn’t organize a two-car parade and here’s Megan, 100% ‘true to her school’  at the tender young age of 27 playing all in poker and pushing her entire stack of chips right into the middle.
I don’t make those decisions any time it comes to me… I’m incapable of anything even remotely that profound.

This remarkable, talented, dedicated young woman is completely and absolutely invested in her dream and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it afloat.

I’ve never had a shred of that kind of dedication and I promised myself that I’d do whatever I could manage, in my own little way, to help.

I made myself a deal to Throw A Little Back In The Pot, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.
It’s a pleasure to turn your attention to Miss Megan Maguire.

In the immortal words of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show, Meg?
“….You’re gonna’ make it after all.”


I have NO idea where they got the guy in this video, it’s not original by any means, but hey.

He’s havin’ fun.

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