Tim Cook on iPod Classic: ‘We Couldn’t Get the Parts Anymore’.

Saw this on MacRumours this morning.

It’s bye bye for the iPod Classic.


iPod Classic

I enjoyed mine very much and I still have it around here, somewhere. It NEVER gets listened to because last November 16th it got the feet kick out from underneath it. I just checked; it’s not even on the Apple Store Website anymore.

I’m a freak for good audio and snooping around online last year introduced me to Astell&Kern out of Korea. They’re really iRiver. Now I adored the thumbwheel on the iPod. Apple has always had a pretty decent User Interface and the iPod Classic was terrific. However, I went a little goofy and dropped $1400 on my Astell&Kern AK120. Since discontinued, it plays 24 bit files, has a pretty clumsy interface if you’re a Mac user and sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. For a portable music player it was jaw-dropping. You’d have to hear what it does to my Car Stereo. It has since been upgraded somewhat but clumsy be damned, it’s still unspeakably good to listen to. So? I’ll miss you iPod Classic. I have a feeling they may become ‘slightly’ collectable… I love the old school way it operates, far nicer than the AK’s but in the interest of “OMG”, the sound is impossible to beat. Oh and I didn’t even THINK about the AK240. Even I have my limits!

The Astell&Kern line is not easy to locate, I had to drive to Edmonton to even listen to it. The best 3 hours I may have ever spent.


On a side note, we’re out of town chasing Trains for a couple of days; I won’t be posting until the weekend. ┬áTime to bring home some new images.

It’s -6 here this morning, Kids!

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

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