Two Jack Lake Panorama-Banff National Park

Two Jack Lake/Panorama Photography

Two Jack Lake is roughly a 90 minute drive west of my door in downtown Calgary along the Minnewanka Loop in Banff National Park.
Early morning is best for an image like this. Temperatures are cool in the mountains and just after sunrise there’s no convection currents in the air from the heat of sunshine.
That results in little or no wind.
I’ve seen the water even more still than this but it gave this image some beautiful reflections nevertheless.

Two Jack Lake Panorama

Two Jack Lake Panorama

This is a four shot Panorama, bracketed and then lovingly stitched together in a Panorama program called PTGUI.

I have a beautiful Nodal Ninja 3 Panorama Head that has received more than it’s fair share of neglect for the past long time and that’s regrettable.
Nothing does justice to a really beautiful scene more than shooting it as a Panorama.

The Nodal Ninja is a remarkably robust and amazingly precise piece of gear. It will provide you with flawless Panoramas every single time with proper calibration.
Ahhhh – the mild limitations of blogging.
Vertical Photos you can post quite large.
Not quite the same for Horizontals so I’ve posted a link to a somewhat larger version on this image on 500PX.


One of the ‘secrets’ of seeing wildlife in the Park is to get out e-a-r-l-y.
If you ever hope to see critters up there including Elk and Bighorn Sheep, dawn and dusk are your two best times.
Minnewanka Loop is a beautiful drive and often times full of surprises.
Especially at those times of day.

Highly Recommended.

John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots


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