Some Serious Thinking About Your Craft

I actually like the guy a lot. Never met him, doubt I ever will.

It all began sometime around the time I purchased my first Fuji Camera, the X-100. THAT was a total love/hate relationship which Fuji and I have now grown well past. I flogged that camera and took a $700 beat down for the privilege; it was STILL on Warranty! I wasn’t using it, I couldn’t deal with all of it’s quirks.  Even so, Zack did an exceptionally thorough review on that camera that at least let me know I was on the right track. Fuji is still evolving these cameras. I now own the XE-2. *(I’ll be selling that one shortly as well.) They’re getting very close to what I think would work well for me after 22 years as a Pro, although they’re certainly not there yet.

I’ve seen Zack do interviews with Chase Jarvis and numerous other things that I’ve enjoyed very much.  He’s a superb shooter with a seasoned eye and quite edgy. I like that too.

Despite only being in his mid-thirties, (I’m not being patronizing here)… this guy really has things to say worth listening to, he’s got his ducks in a row, his poop in a scoop.

All of this leads to this video which I found on YouTube. Now, admittedly, I’m not quite sure what the first 1:30 seconds has to do with the rest, it’s entertaining enough but then it changes.

It gets DEEP, Baby. His discussing WINTER at the 3 minute mark is, ostensibly, about ‘sharpening the saw’, although you’d never know it. What else would YOU care to do when it’s -35 outside?

Winter comes for ME? I very seldom go out unless it’s absolutely required. I just share Zack’s depression. On those cold, snowy, endlessly dreary days I pull the blinds and refuse to acknowledge or even LOOK at what’s out there. Black Ice, dead batteries, slippery and freezing everything.

I suppose that make this the perfect time to do so ‘Wool Gathering’– Indulging in Idle Dreams or Fantasies.

That is where I think this comes in. There’s plenty to ponder here and ultimately? It’s about humility and gratitude, which I find sorely lacking– as badly in too Photographers who cross my path as the well known lack vitamin D we all suffer from in this alternate-universe of Polar Darkness.

So…Thank You, Zack. This reminds us all to put some things back into perspective. There’s plenty of take-away here. I enjoyed it very much. I believe you will too.


John Sharpe/ Sharpeshots

*Addendum… Had to add this TOO. Enjoy s’more.

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